Saturday, December 21, 2019

Leonard Cohen 30-Day Tribute ... Day 29: Album #13 Popular Problems

Click here for "You Got Me Singing"
Day 29: Album #13 Popular Problems - "You Got Me Singing"

Popular Problems is the thirteenth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen,[1] released on September 19, 2014 in Friday-release countries (such as France and Ireland) and on September 22, 2014 elsewhere.

Wikipedia: Upon its release the album received uniformly positive reviews from critics, with Metacritic tallying 26 positive reviews for an aggregate score of 86, designated on the site as "universal acclaim".[5] Thom Jurek of AllMusic wrote that, at 80 years old, "Cohen not only has plenty left in the tank, but is at his most confident and committed" and called it his best album since 1992's The Future.[6] The New York Times gave a moderately positive review, calling Cohen "one of rock’s most profound aphorists" but dismissing the "bouncy country" production of "Did I Ever Love You" as the album's "major misstep".[16] Neil McCormick of The Daily Telegraph called the album "a masterpiece".[9]

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1."Slow" 3:25
2."Almost Like the Blues" 3:28
3."Samson in New Orleans" 4:39
4."A Street"Cohen, Anjani Thomas3:32
5."Did I Ever Love You" 4:10
6."My Oh My" 3:36
7."Nevermind" 4:39
8."Born in Chains"Cohen4:55
9."You Got Me Singing"

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