Friday, December 31, 2010

Vision Collage - You're Invited!

On the first day of this year, several of us gathered with magazines, glue sticks, journals and an impulse to discover more of ourselves and what the year might hold for us.  It was such a delightful day I decided to make it an annual tradition.  So, tomorrow a new group will meet in a new place and you're invited to join us wherever you are.

Here's what you'll need:
-- a journal or someplace to put your collage (a canvas or board or anything else that you could put somewhere and see it often.  Blank 8 1/2 x 11 paper works fine but you may want something more special.
-- 4-5 image-oriented magazines (home, travel, O, Real Simple, etc.)  Spend some quiet time thumbing through them and pulling out images that strike you.  (Don't worry about whether or not they make sense.  If they capture your attention, they do.) 
-- scissors, glue sticks and any embellishments that look like fun ... yarn, sequins, stamps, etc.
-- most important:  dreams and wishes that you would like to see turn into reality in the coming year.
Once you've got several images that appeal to you, simply start to glue them onto the paper you're using as your base.  You may want to cut or tear the image so that you're only getting the pieces you want.

Here are two short articles about creating a Vision Collage that might give you a little more insight (the first one calls it a Vision Board):

Wishing you a joyfully fantastic New Year even if you can't be with us.  We'd love to hear about your Vision Collage.

About the Image:  This is the 2-page collage that I did the first day of this year.  It is the inside cover of my journal so that I could see it frequently as I went through the year.

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  1. What a fabulous idea Joyceann. I'll be cutting and pasting with you all day tomorrow!