Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010: the year that ...

It's a time of the year when we make lists of everything and I thought it would be interesting to complete the subject sentence with five answers that capture the essence of the year for me personally.  So, here goes ...

2010:  the year that I ...
- returned to California and knew it was home.
- traded half a house for a 10 pound dog and got the better part of the deal.
- settled for my 3rd choice house only to find out that it was the perfect choice.
- gained a best-friend house-mate and discovered that solitude and companionship can co-exist.
- joined a mosaic group and found a new passion
I would love to see your list.

About the image: "Amarantine Garden #3"


  1. Ahhh, now I need to think on my list and right now, I'm too tired. Just got home from my Christmas shopping -- I know. I know. The night before Christmas eve and I'm shopping?

    I've been so busy at the shelter, shopping hadn't yet hit my radar!

    And so, I'll think on my list and maybe even do a blog on it!.... What an inspiration you are.

    Hugs and merry Christmas my friend.


  2. 2010: the year that I ...

    - made connections that open doors to wonder

    - restored myself in writing

    - learned how real the virtual can become

    - slowed down to not miss the present

    - discovered how the broken heart keeps on working and heals

  3. Louise and Maureen ... thanks for playing!