Monday, December 6, 2010

Joy 70/82: Turning Pro

The call came at 3:00 pm. I thought he was joking ... but he's not exactly the joking type and his voice didn't sound like he was joking. Apparently he was serious. One of the two pieces I put in the "Water: Source of Life" exhibit had sold ... my first real sale. I'm still having a little difficulty understanding that someone actually paid for something I so enjoy doing. But, I guess this now means that I am a "professional" artist ... what fun.

About the image:  "Spirit of Water" ... this is the digital collage that sold.


  1. You make art. You're an artist!

    And that collage is awesome.

  2. The collage is awesome -- and you go girl!!!!


  3. Nor surprised it sold....It's AWESOME!