Saturday, December 4, 2010

Joy 67/82: Freedom

"I have felt the swaying of the elephant's shoulders and now you want me to climb on a jackass? Try to be serious."
-- Mirabai, Hindu mystic poetess and singer (1498-1546)
Yesterday I found this quote and thought it odd.  I read about Mirabai, and found that she "is one of India's most beloved poet-saints. Her devotional poetry -- directed toward Giridhara, a form of the great God-man Krishna -- is so intensely personal that it borders on the erotic while, at the same time, it remains transcendentally spiritual."  More here. 

Also yesterday I had a business meeting, one of the last vestiges of my professional life.  It was a deeply disturbing meeting with threads of lawsuits and betrayal of what I believe to be the principles of business and human conduct.  It wasn't until this morning when I reread the quote that I started to have an inkling of its meaning.

I have been outside the world of work for four years, years when I've had the time and freedom to follow my creative impulses.  I've made art that sucked and art that thrilled me.  I've "felt the swaying of the elephant's shoulders."  Why would I ever again want to "climb on a jackass?" 


  1. Good question Joyceann - you are such an inspiration to me.

    Thank you!

  2. I think I know your answer. I know mine.

    Will take a closer look at Mirabai. TY!