Friday, July 14, 2017

21 Days to Creative Abundance, Day 3

Message on a Bowl
This morning gave me a perfect example of why this 21-day program is going to be powerful.

One of the first things Sebastian Michaels of Photo Artistry and Awake! suggests is setting up a series of phone alerts to remind you to do things that can help you be more effective  more Awake!

On Monday, I set up a bunch of alerts  things like Create! Wake-up! Be HERE! Unplug. On Wednesday, my world fell apart when my beloved pet companion was killed. I know that life must go on, and that this, too, shall pass as do all bad things as well as all good things.

Knowing all of that doesnt stop the pain, but sometimes distraction does. Getting lost in Facebook is an excellent distraction and this morning thats where I was when my phone suddenly blasted a high energy song into my ears, accompanied by the word Create!

I got the message and closed Facebook, stood up and danced around the room to the song that was playing (“Turn My Ship Around” by Jeremy Buck) and then sat down, opened up the video for Day 4, to be watched as soon as I finish this reflection for Day 3.

Setting these alerts is changing my day, my energy and my actions. Not bad for one small, simple technique. If I didnt do anything else during this 21-day course, I would still be ahead of the game. However, I have also cleaned my desk and my computer desktop, and cleared out half of my email inbox by setting a timer for 5-minutes a day and deleting everything I can in those 5 minutes. Wow!

The image above is a creative challenge from the Photo Artistry course and reminds me of the power of constraints. We were instructed to take an image of one common household item and use a bunch of textures and techniques to come up with a more artsy image. Heres the original image.

Making art is a great distraction from the pain of loss, but its more than just distraction, its creation and feels like its healing the wound rather than just avoiding the pain.
Más mañana  (I am in Mexico, you know.)


  1. Joyce, you inspire even in the depths of pain. I declare you my heroine for the day. Create!

    1. Becky ... you make me blush. I'm not sure I've ever been a heroine. Thanks and many hugs.

  2. I really like this post and image. The concept of getting up and dancing to a favorite tune is brilliant. I'm actually going to add at least one reminder for a day. (Don't want to be too happy.)

    But am I supposed to know what the message says?

    1. Pat ... I swear ... you and Sebastian Michaels are soulmates. Today he was talking about doing things for 15 minutes!

      If you put a label on your alert, you can see the message. ;-) I think you should have a alert label that says BE HAPPY!

  3. I am so sorry, I remember so clearly the love between Missy and you. This may not be comforting, but an animal psychic once told a group I was with that animals know when to leave. It was just after a friend has lost her dog as you did. I understand the hurt, we lost our dog about 2 years ago, and I sometimes hear him. To love an animal is to know loss and love.
    Love your bowl, so glad you know your Photoshop. I lack the patience, your art is and always has been beautiful and very special in thought and design.. hugs, v

  4. Thanks, Viv ... sent you an email.