Monday, July 31, 2017

21 Days to Creative Abundance - Day 21

Harmonia: Amor Y Gratitud
This is Day 21. Yes, I made it, but is that enough? Apparently not.

For some reason, Sebastian Michaels of 21 Days to Creative Abundance seems to think we should actually implement all the information and techniques he has offered us for the past 21 days.  He wants us to IMPLEMENT the plan we’ve been putting together for the next NINE days. Imagine!

Okay, I recognize that he’s given us some great advice and tools and tips. Probably the biggest thing for me was to create projects, art projects. I have been so overwhelmingly grateful to make art at all, I haven’t thought much about deliberately attempting a project. It seems a bit like trying to schedule magic. 

However, I now have two projects that I love thinking about, although one scares me and calls up all those doubts that come along with trying to do something new and a bit outside our comfort zones.

I’ve started on a series of nine muses for digital art. The first two came rather easily but where would the other seven come from? I’m committed to using only my own photography in my images and I’m not sure I have enough muse-worthy images.

That was my thinking when I sat down this morning and started browsing through photos. Soon, I had three that seemed to want to play together and Harmonia was born.

So, yes, Sebastian, I will sign up for another 9 days of implementation. Tomorrow morning I will try to put all the pieces of the plan together.
This post was prompted by Sebastian Michael's "21 Days to Creative Living" and "Photoshop Artistry" programs. More information here.


  1. I'm imagining a set of pictures that go together to make a tribute art piece.

    And one (or more) of them are pictures of Missy.


    1. Thanks, Hugh. Who knows what will come out of all of this.

  2. Congratulations Joyce!!! Before you go on, I hope you do something to pat yourself on the back for completing the 21 days. Commencement always did have two meanings, but hey, don't forget to throw yr diploma into the air.

    1. Susa ... I should at least get a cap or a ribbon or something, huh?! ;-)

  3. Hi Joyce, in February, dismayed by what happened to Senator Elizabeth Warren in the Senate and inspired by the 'she persisted' movement, I created a painting with words. It began with, "They said, be quiet. She spoke up." I thought (maybe) I would create 12 in a series on the theme 'she persisted'. I just completed No. 44 in the series -- and the muse keeps opening me up to new ideas to go with it. I am working with a gallery on a showing of the series. So yup -- even when we think we can't, we do! Keep creating my friend. The muse is not done with you yet! :) (my ShePersisted series is on my website here: )

    1. Louise, I am so delighted to hear from you and see your incredible art series which prompted a blog post ...

      Isn't it lovely to "not be done yet"?