Friday, October 10, 2014


When I first began this adventure in San Miguel, I started noticing a lot of words that ended in "-ería.” They were on signs on little stores … tortilleria (tortillas) … lavandería (laundry) … panadería (bakery) and so on. Because I was seeing them everywhere, I started taking pictures of them as I saw more. I now have a collection of 51 and thought I’d share a few of the signs ... some I've figured out ... some I haven't ... and I think some are just made up.

After chasing these signs, I'm thinking about changing the name of this blog to the "Blogería" but I have to come up with a new sign first ... what do you think?
Office Supplies


Ice Cream

I never did figure this one out ...
they "rent" bread?

(Maureen thinks this might mean whole grain.)

Not sure what the difference between a
Farmacia and a Droguería is. Maureen

thinks it might focus on makeup and skin care.
Seems to make sense with Dermatologica behind it.

Seafood Restaurant


Peluquería is hairdresser. El gallito is cock.
You figure it out.



One of my favorites ... this is a
tailor shop ... deep in the background
is a tiny, old Singer.

Chop restaurant I presume.


Chickens again ... poultry shop.


Ham + gear? I'm going to have to go into
this place and see what it is.

Herbs ... there were big, open bags of
dried plants in this store ... very few I recognized but
it looked like it would be fun for someone
who knew what they were looking at.


  1. Joyce, that "something about chickens": peluqueria is hairdresser. El Gallito peluqueria = "The Cock Hair Salon" (possibly).

    Renteria can refer to productive land; I'm wondering is pan renteria might mean whole grain bread.

    Polleria is poultry shop.

    That particular drogueria is probably limited to skin care and makeup products.

    The one that leaves me a bit mystified is the Jamoneria el engane. I'm wondering if it's an idiom of some kind.

  2. Thanks for playing, Maureen ... and for all the information and suggestions!

  3. no wonder I get some of my French and Spanish mixed up, some of the words are similar. Thought I had a French/ English Dict. near by,, but can't find it.. Thank you for sharing your adventures.. having fun! with you!

    1. Since they're both Romance languages, there is a lot of overlap... French next! ;-)

  4. jamoneria el engane....with the gear on the sign, maybe it means ground ham....just a wild guess, though. Wanted to join in the game!

    1. Judy ... good guess. I'll stop in there on my way home a bit later and let you know. I'm glad you're playing with us.

    2. Judy ... I think you're right ... I couldn't find the exact sign but another "Jamon" shop is on my route and when I popped in, I could see that they were selling sausage!