Thursday, January 26, 2012

Steampunk Art

My friend Vivian turned me onto this video about the Steampunk exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford from 2010. Steampunk focuses on Victorian science, real and fantasy. The art doesn't really ring my chimes so I was hesitant to watch the video. What delighted me was the creativity and passion. It really is worth watching.


  1. At one of the studio tours I went on last year, I met a group of Steampunkers. The imagination that goes into their artwork is incredible. All of them had also created narratives to accompany their pieces. There is a "movement" behind Steampunk, the members take what they do seriously but humorously. Some of the jewelry I've seen is rather knock-your-socks-off. A bunch of Steampunkers are on Twitter.