Saturday, January 14, 2012

Artist Statements: Ridiculous to Sublime

You know you need one, but you're an artist not a writer. How do you write one that that isn't boring, dull and stupid? Think about that as you watch these short videos which range from ridiculous to sublime and something in between.


  1. That first video made the rounds; I had not seen the others.

    There is an interactive site for creating Artist Statements, each one more ridiculous than the next. An artist statement can be useful (I helped an artist the other day with one; she did a great job on it) but too often it's an impenetrable and thus meaningless document. That's why it's come in for such ridicule.

  2. Okay -- so... seriously?.... what were they saying?

    I'm now stymied as to my artist's statement. I create because it brings me peace and joy and lets me explore who I am outside the constraints of who I believe myself to be.