Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Dream - Two Years Ago Challenge

Here's a challenge for all you bloggers ... find your post from two years ago and repost it.  Think about where you were then in connection to where you are now.  

This was my post on January 11, 2010 ... a poem that came after a hike into the Rockies with a friend.  This image of life struggling forth from hard rock moved me.  My life felt like that back then ... like little was supporting my growth but yet I was growing.  I am so grateful for all the miracles that happened in the past two years.

I Dream

"If one is lucky, a single fantasy can totally transform a million realities." 

-- Maya Angelou

I Dream

I dream of being.
I dream my roots deep down into the impervious,
sun-warmed granite where their tendrils drill into
the tiny cracks and crevices where life hums.

I dream of truth.
I dream my dark spine rising upward
into the harmony of sun and earth and rain and wind
until it sings one clear note of an ancient melody.

I dream of love.
I dream my green needles into the crystal air
dancing light beams back to the sun
in a forever rainbow waiting simply for rain.

I dream of death.
I dream my shadow across the lichen children
reaching outward further, further each hour
stretching beyond, yearning ... yearning for ...


  1. Oh wow! you are brilliant my friend -- deep breath as I dive in... Jan 12 will be my two year reposting -- and I haven't even looked to see what it was :)

  2. I passed my two-year mark sometime in September and let it go quietly unnoticed. I'm now over one thousand posts, which rather astounds me, but I owe all the writing to curiosity and wanting to know more and share the finds. I still feel that way. I still feel happy about getting to that place of being able to finally write what I want to write, and especially to focus my writing on the arts. I only hope I can continue to do that.

  3. Hi...what a cool challenge..I will do it...
    I am actually celebrating this day, although quietly, my 20 year sobriety birthday is today...and wow...what a very different life I have now...