Monday, January 23, 2012

Dragon Year: The Adventure Begins

Year of the Dragon
Today is the first day of the Year of the Dragon. The dragon, considered the most auspicious Zodiac sign in Chinese culture, is often associated with good fortune and intelligence and is believed to be the sign of those destined for success.  According to Chinese astrologers, the year of the dragon ushers in a time of optimism and hope ... and change.
2012 is a year of the "water dragon" which predicts an increased flow of communication among people and, according to many, a change for the better for the economy.
In keeping with this new year of the dragon and my own desire for a dose of adventure, I've just purchased tickets to Pyramid Eclipse, a Symbiosis event.  I originally bought tickets to Burning Man but then decided that, without an RV, I really wouldn't be able to handle the harsh weather conditions.  Then a friend told me about Symbiosis which seems to be a New Age Burning Man/conference/music festival type of event.
It's already pushing some buttons for this basically-introverted participant-to-be.  The friend who recommended it is the most out-going, whirlwind of energy I've ever met.  Energetically, we couldn't be less alike.  From the videos I've watched, it looks like a pretty young crowd and I'm sure there will be drugs, nudity, and endless loud music.  But, it also looks like an abbondanza of creativity and a photographer's paradise.  So, I'm going to put on my "participate in everything (well, maybe not EVERYTHING!) hat" and take a leap into the unknown. The event happens in May so I'll keep you posted on the events (and feelings) leading up to it.
In the meantime, since this is a dragon year ... take a risk that might bring with it unexpected rewards that might expand your world.


  1. My son went to Burning Man several times. The dust storms during the last one he went to several years ago kept everyone inside.

    I admire your courage and adventurous spirit. The camera definitely will be your friend during the event. (Its name is interesting!)

  2. Forgot to mention that the event is timed to coincide with a lunar eclipse so that's the reason behind the name.

    From what I've gathered, Burning Man weather is truly a challenge. I hate to be a wimp but I really don't like heat and blowing sand.

  3. How exciting!!!! Whoooo Hoooo! Watch out world. here come's Joyce!

    rock on! :)

  4. this looks really interesting... I would need tree shade at least. Looking forward to hearing all about it.. Looks like great opportunity for photos!

  5. I never heard of Burning Man until last year when an artist I admire ...Flora Bowley went. I don't think she ever said a lot about it on her blog though.