Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinterest: A New Addiction

Two Pinterest boards I've created so far.
It's Annie's fault.  She told me about it ... actually she raved about it.  And, as usual I didn't get it but decided to try it.

It's not that easy ... you have to be invited ... what's that all about?  But, an artist friend sent me an invitation so I stuck my toe in and a whirlwind sucked me in and still hasn't let go.

Pinterest is billed as an electronic pinboard.  That seems innocent enough ... until you start pinning things on boards and then it's like eating popcorn ... you just keep taking handfuls until suddenly the bowl is empty ... or hours have slipped by unnoticed.  Pinterest puts this simple little button on your web browser that says "Pin it."  If you see something you like, you pin it to a board you've created.  For some reason, that action is like playing a game and creates a pull to keep on pinning.

Sometimes someone else will like something you've pinned and they'll repin it and that adds to the energy to keep going.  It's very visual and fun to see what other people are pinning.

Check it out at your own risk.


  1. One of my friends invited me but I resisted, though I saw today via another blog how interestingly museums are using Pinterest.

  2. Pin everything! !! I need a 12 step interest anonymous. Don is gone for a week and I plan to hide away after work without protest of needs for things like dinner and attention. Pppffftt...dinner....I'm pinning!

  3. Maureen ... you would be the queen of Pinterest.

    Annie ... I feel my productivity going down by the minute.

  4. So..... do you need to send me an invite... I'm itching to get pinning.... :)

  5. Is what you pin open to anyone viewing all the sites, or are you restricted to the people you know. And of course, that multiplies... Some of the quilters use it to put up ideas..

  6. Vivian ... I think you can designate who sees which boards ... not sure though ... too busy pinning! ;-)