Friday, September 16, 2011

Time for Creativity

The other night I went to meditation at Judy DeRosa's Creativity Center.  She was working on an art book and was surrounded by baskets of colored pencils, jars of bright paint, brushes, and bowls of brilliant embroidery thread.  She lives and breathes creativity and surrounds herself with the most colorful chaos imaginable.  No wonder her art is always so vibrant. 

The color and shapes inspired me so much that I grabbed my camera and took several photos.  Those pictures continued to call to me so I've spent most of the past two days playing with them and this is the result.  Thank you, Judy!


  1. I love the implications of the timepiece: how creativity can make time go by without notice, and keep us so immersed we forget about its constraints.

    Other nice touches: the roundness of the timepiece and oval, pencil cup, and those elongated Os in the scissor handles. Great contrast with the upright colored pencils.

  2. Thanks Maureen ... you are always so supportive. I truly appreciate you.

  3. Hi Joyce...I get lots of comments about your compilation art piece. That old clock is a reminder that time is a constant. So I make art as often as I can. I love having you in the studio and the Meditation Circle. Life is good and I know we can live it well. Bring color and brightness into your life and others by creating beauty where ever you go. Much Love Judy DeRosa