Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dakota 38

Special thanks to Maureen at Writing without Paper for sharing the trailer to a documentary that tells the story of the largest mass execution carried out in our country.  It is a brutal story from our past, a time when hunger for land overwhelmed our humanity, a true time of madness.  It opens with the statistic that the Native American population which was once estimated at 60 million is now down to less than one million.  But it isn't a story of blame or revenge but rather a call for healing and reconciliation.

Watching this trailer made me wonder what madness we're playing out now, where we have lost our humanity, what future generations will say about us.

Here's a link to Maureen's post which includes the trailer and more about this story and the journey it prompted.

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  1. Thank you, Joyce. It's a story that all should know about. Having been on the pueblos in New Mexico, I've seen the poverty in which our Native Americans continue to live. That's one reason I find Jim Miller's vision and 330-mile trek so stirring.

    Interestingly, after writing this up, I was reading last night a piece in The New Yorker about Steven Pinker's new book, "The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined". I find it a troubling book as reviewed.