Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meeting Jack Lantz

A few days ago I posted a Post-It note sketch that one of my fellow members of Timberline Art Gallery left on the gallery computer.  Last night I ran into the artist, Jack Lantz, at the reception for Sierra Art Trails and mentioned the note to him.  I'm in awe of people who can draw ... and especially people who can capture a likeness in a rapid sketch like the one on the small, green note.

During the conversation, he explained that the note attached to the sketch had gotten lost.  The reason why he left the note and the sketch there was because the DVD of the movie "The Ward," directed by John Carpenter had just been released.  In this movie about a mental hospital, there are scenes in the ward lounge where one of the patients is sketching other patients.  The sketches being shown were done by Jack who is a remarkably flexible and talented artist.  One thing he does are still life oils which are not my favorite style of art but there is something about his that amaze me.  They are meticulously detailed and yet somehow feel a little wild.

It reminded me how much creativity lurks around us.  In this small town there are so many uniquely creative and talented artists and most of them never make a big deal about their work.  They leave a tiny sketch here or there, and only when we ask, do we realize the depth of their talent and experience.

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