Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sierra Art Trails Supports Young Artists

Sierra Art Trails is an open, artist's studio tour through the Sierra foothills celebrating it's ninth year.  It is a wonderful way to spend a fall weekend, meet a lot of artists and see where and how they create their art.  It is also a generous program that shares a significant part of the proceeds with local organizations.  This year, one of their donations went to Minarets High School for art supplies.  I asked Carol Gordon, the art teacher at Minarets to tell us what the donation meant to her and she replied:
Minarets High School is so excited to be the recipient of Sierra Art Trails $500 "Annual Community Awards" program.  I have been teaching art in the Chawanakee Unified School District for over six years.  Art used to be supported by a State sponsored grant which supported art and music for the entire district.  It provided much needed art supplies, which can be very expensive. Because of the recent budget restraints, the arts and music has little to no budget.  I know of many art and music teachers who have been pink slipped because of the budget cuts, so I am grateful to be employed. It is very difficult, however, to conduct worthwhile art experiences without decent art supplies, so I am very grateful for the support of Sierra Art Trails.
And, I am very proud to be part of a program that generously supports the arts and our communities.  If you're in the area September 30 through October 2, please join the fun.   Click here for more information.

About this image:  "Compassion," a revision of the one posted a few days ago.


  1. Open Studios are such fun events. Given the cutbacks in the arts, to share the proceeds like this is wonderful.

  2. I find it sad that we cut the things that feed the soul so richly -- for in those rich souls, new worlds are created.

    Glad you are part of this initiative too!