Sunday, March 20, 2011

Social Media: Hidden Secret

I get about 50 emails a week from people who are willing to share their secrets with me.  Of course, they are all on a path leading to selling me something but each secret is ABSOLUTELY FREE! ... of course.  (They all have very active capitalization keys.)

So, I'm joining the club and sharing my secret ... but this may be the only one I have so there's no path here to a 17 1/2  week program that will open the doors to wealth, fame and fortune.  It's just this one small secret about social media:

     In a few key strokes you can change your identity.
A few months ago, I decided I wanted to change my name ... just slightly by running my first and middle name together into Joyceann.  It's what some of my favorite people called me when I was young and it felt fun to embrace those feelings.  Now, I've decided that Joyce is just fine so in a gnat's eyelash of time, I changed my profile on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and here.  That may seem like a small thing ... but it's rather liberating to be able to proclaim to the world a change that I decide to make in my life.  It's an invitation to experiment, not only with different hats, but with whole new costumes.

Think about it ... one day on Twitter you could be an armchair explorer rediscovering the Amazon ... the next you could be deep into restructuring the horticultural disaster known as your backyard.  You can try on new identities like t-shirts to see which ones fit.  Keep the one that excites you and intrigues your friends ... or move on to a different possibility.  We are not one-dimensional puppets so why shouldn't we try out all the parts of our kaleidoscopic selves?

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  1. Know what's GR8T? You get 3 EXTRA characters back, all YOUR VERY OWN to use in your tweet!

    I'm always intrigued by the avatars people use on their different social media sites.

    I love how you embrace the many possibilities our lives present.