Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Power of One Word

My blog sister Diane has passed on something called a Memetastic Award, so I feel honor bound to honor it and pass it on again to some other wonderful bloggers.  So here's how it works:  when you get the award, you have to...

✦ Link back to the blogger who bestows the award. (✓) Contemplative Photography

✦ Display the image from the award creator. (✓)

✦ Pass the award on to five (5) other bloggers who must follow these rules. (✓)

✦ Link the post back, so Jillsmo can follow its trajectory. (✓)

✦ List five (5) facts, four (4) of which must be lies.  (✓)

Here's a list of blogs that I think deserve this award:

Robert Genn   is a most generous, encouraging artist and shares his thoughts twice a week .  I highly recommend subscribing to the email versions so you don't miss any.

And here are the five things ... one true ... will it be the most boring or the most interesting?
  • I was born a poor, white child and dropped on my head while traveling across country on the train.
  • I lived with a hot dog-eating rooster, a pet of my cotton-boll tobacco chewing grandmother.
  • I married my double-half-step cousin in Arkansas.
  • I dived under a burning car on the beach in San Felipe, Mexico.
  • I spent six months traveling around New Zealand.
(HINT:  There's only one word difference between the true and the false.  I'll even tell you the one word:  almost.)


  1. So interesting to see how this thread is going. I received the award from a poet in Washington State and gave it to Louise who gave it to Diane who gave it to you. You took us to three sites new to me. Thank you!

  2. OK -- so I'm going to go with the truth being the marrying your double half-step cousin...

  3. Sorry ... that was an almost ... thank goodness!

  4. Thank you for the honor for A Year with Rilke, Joyceann!