Friday, March 18, 2011

Resetting Our Possibility Meters

Take a concern for the effect of global warming on the coral reefs and a science writer and her twin sister professor and what would you get?  Crocheted coral forms, of course.  This video which was posted this morning by Maureen at Writing without Paper and it reminded me how connected the world is and how much power there is in surprise.

It turns out that there is a great deal of science and math embedded in crochet and it is a perfect medium for replicating coral forms but the first thing that hits us is the delightfully odd idea of doilies turning into coral reefs.  Putting two things together that would normally never be in the same room is a standard exercise in innovation and creativity thinking and this video is a perfect example resetting our thinking about what's possible.

If you haven't seen this video, don't miss it.  And, thank you once again to all the TED folks.


  1. I love this exhibit. Wertheim is brilliant.

  2. Amazing -- I thought I'd commented yesterday -- lol -- only in my head!