Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lust? Sloth? Pride? Gluttony? Be Gone All of Ye!

Evil thoughts about your neighbor?  Lustful musings about a cute behind?  Feel guilty about sneaking the last lemon creme out of the Valentine's box?  Worry no more, wipe the slate clean by confessing to the blessed mother Gabby who promises you redemption and a squeaky clean soul.  You don't even have to slip into a confessional ... just head over to and confess away.  What could be easier?

Political (or Religious) Disclosure:  I've already confessed my sin of irreverence ... please forgive me if I have offended you in any way.

About the image:  A view from the Stations of the Cross at San Luis, Colorado


  1. I went. I saw. I left message. My hopes are dashed. No sin-free zone -- and love your irreverence! And Diane's too!