Monday, May 10, 2010

Doorways to Dreams

Louise at Recover Your Joy says this morning: 
May we all be moved by beauty today. May we all feel the passion and be moved to take flight into our dreams.
And, Diane at Contemplative Photography quotes Rumi:
A human being is essentially a spirit-eye.
Whatever you really see,
you are that.

--Rumi, A Year with Rumi (May 10)
On this gray morning after a glorious weekend, I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Portland getting ready to go spend some time with my new adopted mom.  A chasm formed last August when my second mom died.  I became motherless and thought that at this stage of life, that was to be expected.  It was part of my lot.  But, on Friday I met Marzenda, a water sprite who lives in Portland's house boat community ... the image here is of her front porch.  Almost instantly I changed my mind about accepting my motherless condition and asked her if I could adopt her.  She graciously accepted and my heart feels fuller already.

So the question for today is: what else is out there waiting for us if only we look with spirit-eyes and take flight into our dreams?  The world is so full of wise and generous souls.  I feel surrounded, loved, safe in an abundant Universe that may send me challenges but always, if I choose to accept the lesson, as doorways to greater love.


  1. How wonderful: I love the hope and joy that sing through this post. Which Portland is this?

  2. Oh Diane, your words always touch my soul and resonate with my spirit -- my inner sprite awakens and I take flight with you.

    So glad to hear you've got a new adopted mother! And so glad you are safe in God's embrace.



  3. LOL -- and I don't have my glasses on, have not had coffee yet -- and meant to write -- Joyce but saw Diane's name in the window above and my fingers did their thing and....

    Hugs Joyce.


  4. Joyce, I've been away (my son graduated from NYU) and just returned. Catching up, I found this lovely post. How wonderful for you. As Diane says, hope and joy grace this post.