Friday, May 28, 2010

Informed or Affected?

Louise at Recovery Your Joy, included this in her post this morning and it was so meaningful to me that I wanted to share it.
Ken Wilber, philosopher, psychologist and a founder of the Integral Institute, suggests that when a person or thing in our environment informs us, when we receive what is happening as information or a point of interest, we probably aren't projecting. On the other hand, if what they are doing, or what is happening affects us, if we're pointing our fingers and judging or we're "plugged in" in ways that engage our emotions negatively, chances are that we are a victim of our own projections.
Recently I think I've been more affected than informed.  I've found myself in conversations about banks, Arizona, tax rates and other political issues where I was definitely being judgmental and affected, getting riled up about things that I had no intention of trying to actually change.  I was just venting my projection.

So, now I'm going to stop ... or at least be more aware of the distinction between being informed and being affected.   I'm also going to try to stop passing my projections along to others.  It may be hard.  The "aren't the politicians (of whatever persuasion), the banks, the media ... the whatever ... stupid," is a form of socializing and bonding but it is also projecting all that venom across the landscape.  My game stops here.


  1. You and Louise make so important a point. It is difficult to not get caught up in the negative, and it can be liberating to create a mantra or other reminder for oneself that stops the projecting.

    We can support each other in this.

  2. My game stops here -- powerful!

    And wise -- because our criticism is a form of socializing and bonding -- scary that. But true.

    I'm with you. My game stops here!

  3. I've read a good bit of Ken Wilber's 'stuff'..and find it fascinating..albeit sometimes hard to digest. It's really powerful when you can actually change-your-mind..and see things from a different point of view.

  4. Such a good decision; wish we could inspire more folks to take that step...