Friday, February 5, 2010

Star Dust

I am in South Carolina with a friend re-creating our lives so for the next week or so I may just share some quotes for thought.

"The stuff of life comes out of stars, every single atom, every single carbon atom, oxygen atom, and hydrogen atom. Your body elements were in a star probably more than four-and-a-half thousand million years ago. They were actually synthesized from hydrogen and helium in a star that length of time ago. If anybody tells you anything different, they’re mad."
-- Sir Harry Kroto, Professor of Chemistry, Florida State University, winner Nobel Prize for Chemistry


  1. Hope you enjoy your time in SC, Joyce. Thinking of you as we get snowed in here.

  2. Hello lovely Joyce. I'm thinking of you too. wishing you a wonderful visit reconstructing your story of lives lived together, growing apart and reconnecting.

    Be of good heart.



  3. Ooh, sounds like fun, "recreating our lives."