Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Video

Life on the learning curve is often frustrating but sometimes ... just sometimes ... it's completely joyous!  Yesterday I learned how to use Keynote (Mac's version of PowerPoint) and how to turn a presentation into a QuickTime movie.  Watch out world!

Today a friend asked for some information on writing intention statements ... something I've been thinking deeply about over the past couple of weeks.  So I started out to make a one-slide Keynote presentation just to show her the model I developed.  Hours later I had a three minute QuickTime movie.  Admittedly it has no sound, no animation and nothing fancy but I feel like I just leaped a tall building.

In case you'd like to see this beautifully ugly infant (never tell a new mom her baby isn't beautiful), here it is.  If you watch it, I would love for you to rate it.  Don't bother being honest, just give it 5 stars so I'll feel good!! ;-)

And, I definitely encourage all of you to write your intentions ... and feel free to broadcast them to the world in the comments section.


  1. Well done! I like it!

    Please add music (because I want to hear the music that's in your head for this).

    My friend Rachelle at magpie-girl would love this.

  2. Joy-ce -- this is wonderful. I like it too!

    I want to do one too!


    thanks for the inspiration.

    and.... I'm embedding it on my blog to inspire others to follow ing your footsteps and creative path.