Monday, February 22, 2010

New Operating System - Principle #8

In Deepak Chopra's "The Book of Secrets," he offers ten principles as a new "operating" system for a life of unity rather than one based on duality. I have committed to looking at one of the principles every day. Here's today's principle from the book:

8.  If I open myself to the force of evolution, it will carry me where I want to go:  Today is for long-term thinking about myself.  What is my vision of life?  How does that vision apply to me?  Is my vision unfolding without struggle.  Where am I putting up resistance?  I will look at the beliefs that seem to hold me back the most.  Am I depending on others instead of being responsible for my own evolution?  Have I allowed myself to focus on external rewards as a substitute for inner growth?   Is it just me or are these principles getting harder?  In this principle, Chopra asks for a rededication to inner awareness, "knowing that it is the home of the evolutionary impulse that drives the universe."

Today is Day 3 of my "clarity retreat" and I'm still spinning on this new project ... is it part of my inner growth or a focus on external rewards?  Yesterday I got a message to connect with my Guardian Angel and had to think, "What Guardian Angel?"  It set me off on a romp through the thousands of images I have collected to use for collage.  By the end of the day, I had about 50 images that really called to me but no Guardian Angel.  I decided to take photos of all the images so I could use them in digital collages and then went to bed where I did not go to sleep until the wee hours.  But this morning I woke up with the understanding that it wasn't one Guardian Angel, it was many.  I went back through the images and picked 7 and wrote down their qualities and what they had to offer me.  Today I'm going to try to develop more inner awareness by seeing if I can get their help creating clarity around this new project.

This image is The Trail Blazer who is fearless, balanced and strong.  He sees perfectly and clearly everything ahead of him.  He is one with nature and senses the slightest shifts in currents, winds and conditions.  He guides me flawlessly toward my North Star.

Have I told you how much fun I'm having?

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  1. I can see how a person could get confused mightily, depending on whose principles are being read or followed. Chopra here speaking on "long-term thinking" about self versus someone else advocating being in the here and now, not the past that's gone and not the future that you can't prevent. How to reconcile? And how to know when you're fully evolved, particularly if the journey does not end until you've stepped through the door to God's own place? And maybe not even then.

    I don't mean this as any sort of put-down. I just find myself wanting to know when and how the questions of self stop and I just am.