Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Operating System - Principle #9

In Deepak Chopra's "The Book of Secrets," he offers ten principles as a new "operating" system for a life of unity rather than one based on duality. I have committed to looking at one of the principles every day. Here's today's principle from the book:

9.   The fragmented mind cannot get me to unity, but I have to use it along the way:  What does unity really mean to me?  What experiences of oneness can I look back upon? I will remember that thoughts come and go like leaves in the wind, but the core of consciousness is forever.  My goal is to live from that core.

What does unity really mean to me?  Over the past few months I have taken a deep dive in "new sciences" ... or at least as deep as a non-scientist can go.  One thing that has intrigued me is the search for a "theory of everything" ... one formula that would explain every aspect of this world we are a part of.  Doesn't the very search for one theory that explains everything in and of it's self suggest that the world is a unity, that we are a piece of everything, that there is no "man and Nature" there is only the ONE?  The appearance of the world around me is that there is an inside me and an outside me, that I am separate from all other humans and from everything else that exists outside me.  I am living as if limitation and separation were true.  Chopra suggests living as if unity were true.  That sounds like an experiment ... an experiment of one.

What does it mean to live as if unity were true?  It would mean knowing every moment that I am deeply and irreversibly connected to everyone and everything in the universe.  That I am woven into the universal fabric of love and safety.  That life is right and everything that happens carries meaning and purpose.  It means truly believing the Course in Miracles quote:  Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. 

That statement alone could be the foundation of the experiment.  Of course, the challenge comes in trying to fit Haiti, Darfur, AIDS and so on into the theory.  Chopra states:  Protection from external threats is permanent when there are no externals but only yourself unfolding in two worlds, inner and outer, that completely mesh.  If life is always right then there is meaning and purpose to every event and our challenge is to bring that meaning and purpose to light. 

I think my mind is boggled enough for this morning.


  1. The poem "Every Prophet's Name", in Love Poems from God and attributed to St. Teresa of Avila, says: ". . . I have no seams, no walls, no laws. / My frontiers and God's are the same./ . . . " To accept that is, I think, to understand something of the concept of being with One and so at one with Him.

  2. oh my, I am in awe!

    and as One with the One, we are connected my friend. And I am so grateful.


    From One to One (does that make two?)


  3. I so love this image; perfect with this post. Love you --