Sunday, September 27, 2009

Second Chance Story

In a recent post, I wrote about being in Aspen and taking a picture of a man that I later wished I had talked to, a person I felt a connection with but did not take time to actually talk to him. I felt a sense of lost opportunity and a lesson gained about slowing down. Well, it turns out that the universe might be giving me a second chance and that the "six degrees of separation" thing might truly work.

I told my friend Lynne about the experience and showed her the picture. Her brother works in Aspen and his girlfriend has lived there most of her life and knows everyone in Aspen so Lynne sent her the picture and told her the story. Linda recognized the guy but didn't actually know who he was. But, and this is where the coincidences get eerie, she got on a bus a couple of days after getting the picture and there he was. She sat down beside him and showed him the picture which was on her cell phone and he was delighted with it. So, she is now sending me his address so that I can send him a copy of the picture and, perhaps, get to know him as a real person rather than just a quick image for my collection.

That all lost opportunities would have such delightful endings.

About the photo: This is one of the people who inhabit Pearl Street Mall in Boulder soliciting money from shoppers and tourists. This week I'm focusing on light and the way the light hit his hair which was blowing in the wind just stopped me in my tracks. I took one picture from a distance and then moved on just to come back again and take a couple more. He seems like someone who could use a Second Chance Story.


  1. I will look forward to reading more of this story. A story like this continues but perhaps need not have an end. The Light envelopes him, after all.

  2. Maureen ... I love your take on the light enveloping him!