Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rust and Sage

My new friend Diane introduced me to the book Anam Cara by John O'Donohue ... it is a beautiful, spiritual book full of Celtic Wisdom and part of what I love about it is the meaning of the title ... "soul friend." It, of course, has a dual meaning including those friends who are connected to our spirits and feed our souls and the idea that we have to be our own soul friend and nourish our own spirits.

This image seems to remind me of the qualities of our friends who become soul friends ... two pieces of fabric with different but complementary colors, different direction and wrinkles yet with a texture that is similar and both pieces sewn together to form a strong and beautiful connection. I am blessed in my life to have friends whom I consider soul friends and who nourish my spirit especially in this time of uncertainty and transition. This morning my friend Judy pulled me through a melt-down and took the time to listen to all the myriad of details that made up the life-confusion I was spinning around in. Judy is a practical person and strong-willed. If I would just listen to her advice, I would be better off but I need to keep explaining the exceptions and extenuating circumstances. I needed to fully explore every wrinkle and nuance and she let me go on till I felt like I had every piece of the puzzle on the table. Then, when she gave me her advice, which probably was the same as she would have given me at the beginning of the conversation, I could hear it ... and accept the wisdom of it.

But, it was only after knowing completely that she saw my color and direction that I could hear the color and direction of her wisdom. Funny how that is ... as if only by emptying my cup of it's cold, bitter brew could I receive the warm, fragrant tea of her friendship. Thanks, Judy!

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