Wednesday, March 3, 2021

yes, the world is going to end

Curly Manzanita

                                         yes, the world is going to end
                                         yes, democracy is in danger
                                         yes, COVID still sucks
                                         yes, people can be jerks
                                         yes, you can’t change everything


                                          you can find and share beauty
                                          you can stay loving and peaceful
                                          you can be kind to yourself and others
                                          you can stop for a moment of gratitude
                                          you can live the one life you’ve been given

 Morning came with a gift of poetry, giving me recommendations for this strange time we find ourselves in.

I am in the wrapping up process for the second volume of The Granary Tree and the curly manzanita is the the back cover. I so love tree bark.


  1. Love how your simple declarative statements reach deep to inspire loving-kindness and action.

  2. Hola Louise ... thanks! it's time to catch up!

  3. Thanks for the reminder of what we CAN do...and for the gorgeous photo. The color, texture and shavings of the bark are stunning. Mother Nature's beauty never disappoints.