Sunday, July 14, 2019

WINNERS Reno Mural Festival 2019

All the murals were outstanding. As one viewer remarked, "All of them make our community a better place." 

That said, the judging must have been really hard ... and the 3 top choices of the official judges were not the same as my 3 top choices, so I will indicate both. The judges with the prize; mine with * - first; ** - second; *** - third. Of course, my opinion doesn't have any monetary value

What fun it was to meet these talented artists and watch them at work. Their murals will remain up until next year when it's time for Reno's 2020 Mural Festival.

"Imagination" by David Puck  **
David Puck: “Imagination" **

“To the eyes of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself.” — William Blake

Artist bio: David Puck is a figurative painter and muralist, working in spray paint & oil. Originally from England, they are currently based in California. Through colorful abstracted portraits, their work explores queer experience and mental health. They are inspired by the balance and interaction of opposing forces - realism and abstraction, narrative and obfuscation, joy and melancholy. They have an academic background in Queer History from The University of Oxford, and is currently studying towards working in mental health support. Collectors include Mayim Bialik (TV's Big Bang Theory) and brand Hank&Henry Beauty. Their supporters include drag icons Jinkx Monsoon, Mayhem Miller and Delta Work. Notable mural projects include NYC World Pride, Wide Open Walls festival, Art Share LA, and Meeting Of Styles - so far they have painted murals in eight countries - from Nicaragua to Germany. They are represented by Art Attack SF for the Bay Area CA, and exhibit internationally. 

"Fat Bird" by Eric Weatherford *** (tie)
Eric Weatherford:
"Fat Bird" *** (tie)
OddWall Painting, Decatur, Ill

After receiving his BA in Studio Art from Millikin University in Decatur IL, Eric has been doing freelance painting and design throughout the Central Illinois area. He has painted murals all across the Midwest, designed logos for local businesses, displayed his paintings at galleries all over the nation, and has now created ODDWALL Painting to bring his creative talent to those looking to take their business or home to the next level.

"The Price of Royalty" by Ivan Roque  *
Ivan Roque:
 “The Price of Royalty" *

Ivan is a prolific muralist focusing on contemporary metaphorical themes in nature. He uses an unusual form of grid which we decided to call a "doodle grid.” Grids tend to be mathematical and linear. Ivan’s grid is loose, uses symbols placed in a somewhat chaotic form on the wall, and as Ivan says, “It’s fun." The sketch is then transferred to wall using the grid. 

"Frida" by Rafael Blanco - 3rd prize
Rafael Blanco: “Frida” 
-- 3rd prize

Painter, muralist and Art Professor at Feather River College in Quincy, California.

"Astro Crab" by Kate O'Hara - 2nd prize
Kate O’Hara:
“Astro Crab" - 2nd prize

I'm a freelance Illustrator living in Reno, Nevada. I graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in illustration and typography. I'm currently available for projects, please contact me at

Tahoe Black Bear" by Melissa Ghiglieri - 1st prize & People's Choice
Melissa Ghiglieri: 
“Tahoe Black Bear” 
- 1st prize & People's Choice
Instagram: @mel.ghig

"Ice Queen" by Jiminai - *** (tie)
"Ice Queen" - *** (tie)

Muralist inspired by all things Japanese.


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  2. Louise and Tracey ... thanks for your comments. It was such a fun project to be part of.

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