Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dandelion Fluff

Dandelion Fluff

I used to have a path … 
Well, I thought I should have a path
It was slow in coming … 
Seven long decades slow,

But, now I know ...
I’m just dandelion fluff, blowing in the wind
Funny thing, though, 
I’m enjoying the ride.
No excuses needed: 
... the wind did it.

No demanding, high-octane plans,
Just this way … and then that.

No one really cares.
Expectations are gone.

They just laugh …
roll their eyes,
saying “dandelion fluff,
blowing in the wind." 

And, as for me … ?

I wish I’d always known
I was just dandelion fluff.   

-- Joyce Wycoff

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