Thursday, August 16, 2018

FREE Book: Kaleidoscope of Self

Hola! It's here ... my new book filled with stories, sights, art, and bits of wisdom about "this stage of life." To get it click here:  Kaleidoscope of Self.

It changed titles three times in the process, and also changed the business model ... if you can call FREE a business model.

Going through the process of writing a book automatically triggers questions of marketing, formats, distribution, and pricing. This past year, as I thought about my art, I realized what I really wanted was to make connections. Now I realize it's the same for my writing.

Because this book is filled with full-color art, printing it would be extremely expensive and even putting it into e-book format is far more complicated, expensive and limiting than a standard black-and-white book.

PDF is a simple format and there are ways to sell pdfs online, however, it would mean doing things I don't want to do, and it would limit my connections.

So, free is the easiest and I hope it helps me meet more of you. I've also started a Facebook learning group ... Kaleidoscope of Self ... where the chapters will be serialized and encourage sharing of stories and insights.

First review made me cry:  
"It’s fabulous - it’s amazing - it’s unique - it’s uplifting - it’s courageous."
If you think any of your friends would like to have a FREE copy ... just send them this link:

Kaleidoscope of Self ... thoughts about creating ourselves anew in "this stage of life"

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