Thursday, August 23, 2018

Book Challenge, Day #5: Big Magic

Books have always been my guides and teachers. In my early life, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich opened me up to positive thinking and Alex Osborn’s Applied Imagination led me into a life-long love affair with the mysteries of creativity. 
At this stage of life, I’m enchanted by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic which invites us to live a creative life. While creativity is a word that intimidates many people, Gilbert defines it as being driven more by curiosity than fear.

One form of curiosity she encourages is discovering the hidden jewels within us. Those of us who have lived long tend to think we have discovered all our skills and talents. However, we are endlessly complex creatures, and as long as we have breath, there are things to discover about ourselves.

"The Universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, 
and then stands back to see if we can find them.
"Do you have the courage to bring forth 
the treasures that are hidden within you?”
— Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear

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  1. thanks for sharing this.

    I truly enjoyed Elizabeth Gilberts' EAT PRAY LOVE and the movie made based upon it.

    Read or at least read parts of couple other of her books.

    Will take a look at this new one

    Been writing drafts for books about the same topic for many of the years I have been involved with creative thinking development

    one working title has been and still is

    Live your life not one others create for you.

    Have produced some published articles from the writing but no complete book yet.