Friday, August 24, 2018

Book Challenge: Day 6 - Lab Girl

I’ve always been a tree person. Reading this book made me envious of the author’s relationship with trees and plants. Written with a fresh voice, this is a compelling story of a woman's journey through science, a friendship that doesn't fit standard molds, and fascinating insights about plants. A few notes from the book:

"I would study plants in a new way—not from the outside, but from the inside. I would figure out why they did what they did and try to understand their logic, which must serve me better than simply defaulting to my own, I decided.

"A willow tree loads these used branches with reserves, fattens and strengthens them and then dehydrates their base such that they snap off cleanly and fall into the river. Carried away on the water, one out of millions of these sticks will wash up onto a bank and replant itself, and before long that very same tree is now growing elsewhere.

"PLANTS HAVE FAR MORE ENEMIES than can be counted. A green leaf is regarded by almost every living thing on Earth as food."

Reading Lab Girl, is like talking to a scientist friend who tells you all the inside stories and all her most embarrassing moments.

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