Saturday, March 24, 2012

What would Shana do?

One of my friends has a daughter and, like most moms, she tells remarkable and loving stories about her.  In the beginning I just nodded politely as I listened to the stories.  But, after a while, I realized there was a message weaving through them.

Shana Moulton is a video and performance artist.  Most of us don't really know what that means so I've included a snippet below that will give you a sense of it.  Shana is a successful performance artist and gets invited to places all over the planet to do her performances.

It wasn't always that way.  For awhile, she slept in a closet because she had no money but wouldn't give up her dream.  Her mom says Shana has always looked at life in her own way and insisted on following her inner guidance, regardless of other people's doubts and preconceived notions.

Now her mom and I, when we're trying to decide what to do with our lives, ask "What would Shana do?"  We always know the answer:  whatever calls her forward ... in the face of being thought foolish, in the face of possible failure, in the face of her own fears and insecurities ... she follows the path that calls her one step at a time into her own creativity and joy ... into her own authentic self which she shares with the world.

It's a good question: What would Shana do?


  1. Thank you for sharing the video, Joyce; I enjoyed watching it. I truly admire Shana's adventurous spirit. Her use of computer imagery is cool, too.

  2. that was amazing to see. She should keep doing what she loves. I am delighted for her that she can make a living in N.Y. doing exactly what she wants to...Fun looking at the other videos also.
    Feel a little like a slug here in the mountains.

  3. When I read your piece and married it to Shana's video, my mind wandered to what it means for me at this stage of life. How would I need to think and be in the world to create myself with the purity and ingenuity of Shana's art, and the experience and passions that represent mine? There's a quiet focus, and courage, in her that's about *doing* that I want to channel as purposefully. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh gosh. this was brilliant and inspiring. reading and watching absolutely woke me up!

    Thanks my friend. Sending it off to my daughter to watch and read too!

  5. I'm so glad you're enjoying Shana's story and her work ... she is amazing ... getting ready to do a performance for the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.