Sunday, March 4, 2012

Psychic Wanted!

After months of looking at places on the central coast, Friday I found a place that's not perfect but  is "perfectly wonderful" in the small town of Arroyo Grande.  Right price and a rare combination of the right floor plan, lovely outdoor living, a garage and privacy in the midst of the communal living of a mobile home park.   I spent 25 years in Santa Barbara and this feels like home.  

So what's the problem?  I keep getting "slow down" messages.  I made an offer yesterday and last night dreamed of being in a car driven by a man who wanted me to help steer ... which I did ... but he was going too fast for the curvy road we were on.  I kept asking him to slow down and finally screamed, "Slow down!"

I believe in dreams and this is the third slow down message I've gotten.  Of course, just to make things more confusing, this area of the central coast is San Luis Obispo, commonly called SLO (pronounced "slow").  Is someone playing games with me???  

This morning I'm wondering if I should withdraw my offer and just stay put.  Which wouldn't be hardship duty ... I have gotten very integrated into the foothills in the almost two years I've lived there.  I love the foothills, my friends and my house there.  But the coast keeps calling me.   Yesterday I walked along the dunes watching the last of the migrating monarch butterflies and taking pictures of eucalyptus bark. Right now the jasmine is blooming and the air has that soft, sweet smell that lifts my heart.

Logic doesn't seem to be working ... I've weighed all the pros and cons and the answer always turns out to be whichever way I'm leaning at the time. So, I've decided I need a psychic.  If anyone gets a hit about my future, please let me know.  Of course, with my luck, two psychics will respond giving me exactly opposite messages.

In the meantime, the image above is the first in a series of Eucalyptus Tales prompted by yesterday's walk.


  1. I love this image. But have no clue what to tell you about your move... Good luck with this!

  2. Hi Joyce! I came across your blog request. I'm always of the mind that if its easy walk through the door and when things start happening that are similar to banging your head against the wall then it is the time to let spirit hold the wheel. My sense is that there may be a bit of obstacles with the sale. If this is the case then stay put. You are so creative right now. It is important to have sunshine around you when you do your art or write if that is what you do. Success looks good on you. Your dream too could represent your need to stay put while spirit is trying to get you into another place. Certainly the exact opposite which you have indicated. Let go and let spirit guide you. Ask them to be crystal clear. As we all know the old Yiddish saying "Man Plans and God Laughs". We never really are in control are we. Many Blessings to you and good luck, Sharon

  3. Sharon ... how nice of you to respond. It's been almost three months since I put out that call ... two days later a friend sent me the name and number of another psychic who was very helpful.

    While the decision was difficult, when the sellers responded "yes" to an offer I thought might not be accepted, it seems like everything changed. All of a sudden everything was easy. I'm now settled into my new home and find new paths opening all around me. I'm very clear now that this was what I was supposed to do. Not moving would have been "easier" and maybe it was all about making a harder decision in order to find the next part of my journey.

    Thanks again for your kind response.