Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paul Cardall: Before My Heart Stops

Louise Gallagher in her beautiful blog, "A Year of Making a Difference," introduced me to the music of Paul Cardall and called him a hero. His music was lovely but my curiosity wanted to know why she called him a hero.

 Now I know and if you watch this video, you will too. And, at the end, ask yourself what you would change?


  1. Joyce -- thank you for sharing the rest of his story -- I was so tired and running fast with coaching at Choices, I forgot to post all of the story!!!!!

    thanks my friend. See! Together we do make a world of difference. :)

  2. Louise ... I'm glad I could fill gaps ... I loved following my curiosity to find such a remarkable story. Thanks for dangling the carrot ... I'll be on your "make a difference" team any day!