Friday, December 16, 2011

A New Gallery - the E3 Way

This is my new wall at the
gallery ... I will take more
pieces and cards there soon.
Years ago, I studied with Dr. Michael Ray, author of Creativity in Business and professor at Stanford.  One of the things he taught was E3 ... when things are in "flow," they are easy, effortless and enjoyable.  That's what happened today.

I visited the Gallery at Marina Square in Morro Bay a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to join it.  There are over 70 artists in the gallery and it's beautifully displayed in this high-traffic, artsy tourist area.  I made an appointment with owner/artist Nona Jane Siragusa ... it was like a reunion.  I showed her my work, she told me more about the gallery and about the time I was going to test the water she said, "I've already made your name plate for your display space."  We picked a display wall, went to lunch to celebrate and that was that.  Whenever you're in Morro Bay, be sure to stop into this gallery ... it is stunning.

Not a great photo but you can see my work from
the street ... on the far left.
I've been contemplating moving to the central coast area but thought I'd take a year or so to do it.  However, when I told my housemate, she decided to check out her own options and immediately found the perfect place for her ... she's now in escrow with a February move date.  After the gallery experience, I met a realtor to continue the frustrating for a place to live over here in this much-higher-priced real estate market.  I had decided that a manufactured home with no yard and little maintenance was probably the way to go but every time I looked at something, it was too small and with no garages, I couldn't figure out how to manage everything ... especially my mosaic materials which have exploded over the past year.

This real estate agent took me to a park where there are garages however, and I fell in love with one ... or at least with the garage!  It's not a done deal yet but so far everything has been easy, effortless and enjoyable.  Wow!