Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 Top Reasons for Buying Art

These are hot off the press of the International Institute for Research into the Art Buying Habits of People on the Planet Earth:

10 Top Reasons to Buy Art
10.  It gives you a reason to get rid of the black velvet Elvis you inherited from Aunt LulaFaye.
9.  It makes your friends and neighbors think you've got class.
8.  The art dealer said the artist was 98 and it was a sure bet that it would be worth more when he died.
7.  The artist is your niece and she's painting her way through college and everyone needs a painting of cottage cheese mold.
6.  Your interior decorator says royal raspberry is the "in" color this season.
5.  It has that international flair with the cute little "made in China" sticker on the back.
4.  You met the artist at an art fair and he just reeked of creative flair and kept giving you that "come hither" look.
3.  The artist offered to ship it home for you while you were drinking mai-tais on the beach in Mexico.
2.  You got 2 for 1 at that "cheap art" boutique at the Holiday Inn.
1.  It matches the crocheted doilies on your recliner.
Actually, of course, there's only one real reason to buy art:

It speaks to you and makes your life a little more beautiful.

About this image:  "Illusion of Reality" - I love this image taken in Aspen because the one leaf looks like it's growing out of the shadow.  Life is seldom what it seems.


  1. Funny.

    I hate to say how many times I've been in a gallery or fine art shop and heard someone wonder if the colors would match or it was too small to go over the sofa, etc.

    My reason is like yours. If I don't feel some emotional pull toward it, a pull that I don't want explained, I can appreciate it but won't consider buying it.

  2. I too like the 'unexplainable' pull. I once didn't buy a bronze statue of a woman in SanFrancisco. It was at the end of a trip. I was in a rush and I thought -- no. I have already spent enough!

    Of all the things (including art) I've bought and regretted and the one's I've never bought and never regretted -- I still think of that piece. It still calls to me -- and that was 20 years ago.

    Funny list, btw!