Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Easy Care 1-2-3

I am now printing all my art on metal because I love the luminous look of it.  However, it has a couple of other benefits ... it can be cleaned easily and it should last forever.  So, on the back of each piece, along with the title and signature, I put these instructions:

Easy Care 1-2-3

1)  Avoid direct sunlight
2)  Clean with a soft cloth
3)  Enjoy forever!

As I was writing these this morning getting ready for the KPFA Arts & Craft show, it struck me that this was pretty good advice for life ... avoid (too much) direct sunlight ... be gentle with ourselves ... and enjoy every moment.

About this image: "Spring Jewel," one of the 8"x8" "small gems" I've made for the KPFA show.  It is a picture taken immediately after a spring rain here in the foothills and reminds me that moments like this only last for a moment and are a constant reminder to savor every moment.


  1. So interesting you mention this because I just left a note at Diane's saying I thought her new piece (which I love) would look really wonderful on some kind of metal.

    Easy Care Directions for Life: inspired, Joyce!

  2. Love this photo -- and the metal look supporting it as well as your Easy Care instructions!

    Have fun at the show!