Friday, October 7, 2011

Lifescapes: Art from the Heart

I love taking pictures of "stuff" ... those iconic treasures that hold meaning for us even when they have no extrinsic value, and more and more, I find them showing up in my digital paintings.  Lately I've had some wonderful opportunities to take pictures in people's homes and studios and one day I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to be able to create a series of paintings based on the beauty people surround themselves with?"  

This led to the development of a new process I'm calling "Lifescapes:  Art from the Heart" based completely on iconic beauty found in a client's home, studio or office.  I was lucky enough to have a friend who agreed to be my guinea pig to work out the kinks in the process and this image, "The Elemental Path," is my first finished lifescape.  The elements of Love, Beauty, Nature, Joy and Spirit radiate throughout her home and her being so the image came together easily and, while the final piece is specific to her own journey, it is also universal enough to speak to others.

My first experience with this process has been so inspirational and fun that I look forward to doing more.


  1. You have a great eye for this kind of project. I'll look forward to seeing more.

  2. I totally love this concept and wish I had read about it before you were at my studio gallery yesterday. The idea of your creating a very personalized lifescape may hold great appeal for many people. I look forward to hearing more about it.