Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guardian Angel Day

Today is the feast of the Guardian Angel day, as designated by the Catholic Church which teaches "that each person is assigned an angel to help protect and guide them through life."  About a year and a half ago, I embarked on a process of meeting my guardian angels in a decidedly unchurch-like fashion: I tore them out of magazines.  I spent several days going through magazine images and picked ... or was picked by ... seven images that called to me, and then asked them for their wisdom. 

It was a hectic and confusing time since I was trying to make several major decisions. Spending time listening to my angels helped me make choices that I'm very happy with today.  You can read this series of blog posts starting at
The series ended with a wish from each of them to all of you so I am repeating that wish and inviting you to celebrate your own guardian angels on this, their special day.

The Trail Blazer's wish for you is that you always have your North Star clearly in sight.
Wisdom Woman sends you synchronicities that remind you of the magic of the Universe.
The Dancer wishes you music that stirs your spirit and leads you into Dance.
The Twin Souls enfold you in unconditional love and help you embrace your Shadow.
Spirit Woman surrounds you with the eternal mystery of Beauty.
Black Beauty invites you feel the deep connection with the Earth.
My Angel touches the yearning in your heart and whispers, "Fly!"

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  1. I remember your journey and your angels.

    I am grateful you shared their wishes this morning.