Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flower Masters: Wisdom

The Flower Masters left another message for me last night:  wisdom.

Wisdom ... it's a word we throw around lightly but when I went looking for a definition, I found a certain vagueness.  It's almost one of those "we know it when we see it" things.  There's a general agreement that it involves understanding what is right and true and being able to act upon that understanding.  But, since we might have just as much difficulty reaching consensus on what is right and true, we actually haven't gotten very far.

So when I look to this flower for its wisdom, I see an entity proclaiming itself to the world, mid-way in it's life-cycle, gloriously beautiful in full bloom as well as in its wilted blossom.  Generous and open with its nectar that supports its own future while also nourishing life around it.  I see simplicity and complexity not in conflict but in a harmonic dance.  I see certainty without hesitation ... complete clarity about its direction, its mission and purpose.

I see wisdom that eludes me ... a master teacher showing the way to serenity, grace, beauty and peace.


  1. And I see beauty in all its knowing.


  2. Wonderful post. I see the wisdom of accepting there is change and showing all your glory anyway.

    Lorraine :-} your new follower.