Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PhotoLarks: San Diego

Have you ever looked at a rack of postcards and wondered where they were taken because you'd like to go there and see the place for yourself ... and maybe take your own picture of it?  Me, too.

That impulse has prompted a new project which will be to document the most photogenic places in San Diego County (a place that I lived for many years and have visited almost every year since).  I love taking photos in San Diego but always feel like I'm missing the hidden places ... the places only local photographers know about.  Enter the iPod/iPhone/iPad and those delightful little, who-knew-we-needed-them-till-we-got-them things called apps.  Knowing how great it would be if I had a map of all those places on my iPhone, I've just launched a project to develop that guide to help visitors and local photographers know just where to go to get great pictures.  They will also get advice from great local photographers along the way.  In addition to the app, it will be available as a book and a DVD.

In order to fund this project, I'm going to submit it to (if you're interested in backing a creative project ... or just want to see what people are thinking about, check it out).  Because they need an image to go along with the project, I pulled out a lot of my San Diego photos and created the attached image.  It will be one of the rewards people get when they back my project ... I'll tell you more about this part of it once the project has been accepted by Kickstarter.

Anyway, I'm off on a new lark and will keep you posted as things change.

About the Image:  Coming Together in San Diego

One of my favorite pieces of public art is Niki de Saint Phalle's giant mosaic statue titled "Coming Together" near the San Diego Convention Center.  The skyline is seen from Coronado.


  1. What a great project idea! You could also make your own Web site or FB page for it.

    Have you shared your idea with the San Diego chamber of commerce? Maybe it would back it. I can also imagine local papers being interested.

    de Saint Phalle rocks. A number of her wonderful pieces are just outside the National Museum of Women in the Arts in downtown D.C.

  2. You are so brilliant!

    And most definitely -- send the link and I'll support your brilliance.