Sunday, June 5, 2011

Art Class

Yesterday was my day to sit at Timberline Gallery as part of my co-op membership duties.  It is always a pleasant day with lots of lulls that can be filled with personal projects.  I planned on making cards to replenish my inventory but things change, as they always do.  On my way to the gallery, I stopped at a garage sale and found a small acrylic frame embedded with crayons ... or what looks like crayons ... for $3!

I didn't know why I was buying it since it only holds a tiny 3.5x5 image but buy it I did.  And, almost immediately, it began working on me.  This image was the result.  The stimulus image is an oil slick at a gas station after a rain so it basically delivered the message to me.

It was a lovely day of making art, talking art with the people passing through on their way to Yosemite and being surrounded and inspired by all the artists in the gallery.  Definitely an art class day!


  1. The frame complements the image well. Very creative!

    Don't you just love talking art? I think I could it all day long.