Thursday, January 20, 2011

Word Lottery

Today as I was leaving a comment on Louise's beautiful blog, Recover Your Joy, I was asked to type in the prove-you're-human word:  elfillog.  It struck me that it was a great word ... elf . il . log.  It rolls off the tongue and calls mystery into my brain.  What is it, this elfillog that came calling this morning?

Then I headed over to Maureen's Writing without Paper for another feast of tasty tidbits in her "Facts, New or Not" series.  I had to leave a comment since she introduced me to an interesting new book.  This time, my prove-you're-human word was: sproca.  Is it that I'm feeling rather sproca this morning ... perhaps a combination of spry and sweet (as in almond roca)?

Since I was on a word roll, I decided to check out Diane's Contemplative Photography where I found a lovely poem by Meister Eckhart and the word matdaniz ... which does not connect as easily.  Mat . da . niz ... mat . dan . iz  ... a new dance?  a protective surface for knees?  hmmmm ... what do you think?

It seems like a new contribution from the electronic world is this constant word lottery that comes our way as we sign up for something or leave comments here and there.  How many of them will find their way into Websters?


  1. Thank you for the shout-out.

    Your image goes so well with eilillog!

    What I always find interesting about these words that come up is how they sometimes mirror the content of the posts or the blog itself. I'm sure the combinations are entirely random but I like to think they come from a language we simply don't know.

  2. Your brilliance is shining!

    LOL - re the word lottery. I wonder sometimes if 'they' pull letters from what's written to create the words -- which is why sometimes they mirror the content so well...

    You made me smile this morning. Thanks!

    And thank you for the shoutout.