Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rumi: The Language of Life 7

Straying maps the path.
-- Rumi

Today's guidance from The Rumi Card Book:
Transformation Card:  Through love, disaster becomes good fortune.  Through love, a prison becomes a garden.  The way from defeat to victory runs through love:  Things are never as hard as you imagine them to be.
Category explanation from the book:  In the universe of Love, all things are in perpetual metamorphosis.  Love powers an endless evolution and a cosmic dance in which all things constantly are born and die and change shape.

Part 7 from the Bill Moyers Series "The Language of Life" and includes small poems and the interview between Moyers and Barks.  Barks tells the story of the karmic connection with Rumi.


  1. The language of life is Love -- great learning Joyceann. Thanks!

  2. The quote and explanations bear similarity to a discussion I read yesterday about a Rilke poem.