Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rumi: The Jars of Springwater

"The ruby and the sunrise are one."
  -- Rumi

Today's guidance from The Rumi Card Book:  

Category: Birth -- The world grows green again and runs with gardens.  Jewels from the mines glitter in each tree.  Souls open like suns and link with one another.  Harmony and prosperity join hands in your life:  Be grateful.

Category description from the book:  "Each moment of our lives is potentially a new birth, if our hearts are open.  Rumi always claimed that the wind of grace is always blowing from God, but that we are too rarely open to its fertile power.  Nevertheless, through Divine generosity, signs of new birth constantly dance in and out of our lives, inviting us to hope, creativity, passion, and praise!

Jars of springwater are not enough anymore.
Take us down to the river.

The face of peace, the sun itself.
No more the slippery, cloudlike moon.

Give us one clear morning after another,
and the one whose work remains unfinished,

who is our work as we diminish,
idle, though occupied, empty, and open.

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