Friday, April 9, 2010

When Things Go Missing

The pod is loaded.  The U-Haul is packed.  The car is crammed full.  The week of packing went exceptionally well ... except for the things that went missing.  The first was my wallet ... it was there and then it wasn't.  It's interesting to watch the thought process transition from "Where did I put it?" to "It MUST be here somewhere." to "It's really gone."  There were a lot of people in the house but my best guess is that I accidentally packed it away in a box.  The challenge was in two days I was heading off across country and I now had no driver's license, credit card, debit card or AAA card.  I began to scramble around trying to re-establish my identity.  (Is there a metaphor there?)

The second one was even weirder.  I was going to spend the night with my friend Lynne and as we got in the car to go to her house, she handed me her copy of my house key.  I took my copy off my key ring and added it to the small ring hers was on.  We drove to her house, walked in the door and I decided to put the keys back on my key ring so they wouldn't get lost ... and they were gone!  We looked every where, searched every nook and cranny of the car and retraced our steps ... I even went back to the house to see if I had dropped them in the street or something.  Nothing.

I feel like the chaos in my life has opened up cracks in the universe where things are disappearing.  I find myself yearning for routine and a sense of being settled.  It shows up in interesting ways such as obsessing about growing tomatoes.  I feel a little like a storm cloud racing across the sky when what I really long for is to just sit in a deck chair and watch white, puffy clouds float by.


  1. Ah lovely Joyce, I just wrote a note on Glynn's blog saying I've renamed 'just ole' Friday, another day of the week,' to 'Freakin' Fantastic Friday!!!' because of the gems he and maureen serve up on Fridays.

    And now it's a Triple Freakin' Fantastic Friday! 'cause here you are, with words to provoke, inspire, evoke...

    There is, I believe, always that place of yearning while packing up -- it is the inevitable outcome of upheaving our physical life into that non-existent place of between places where there is no key table by the front door, or hall closet to store our wallets or deck chair to relax in and while away the time without feeling the road beneath our wheels.

    Breathe. Now is not forever. To get to where you're going, you must first go through this place.

    And as to the missing wallet and keys.... Freakin' weird! :)

    Love and hugs,

    Have a safe and joyful journey south. Can't wait to hear about the road unfolding before you and all the miraculous adventures you encounter!

  2. Joyce,

    It's wonderful to have you check in. Louise says it best, "Freakin' weird!"

    Journey safely and know that we're thinking of you and keeping your intentions with you as you move to the next place. Love and hugs.

  3. Setting up a new nest is something both hard and satisfying. Godspeed.

  4. Oh, my; resistance is an incredible thing, isn't it! I am sending you a minute or two of peace and stillness, imagining you rocking in a chair on a peaceful deck and looking out over the water with your keys and wallet safely in their new locations. Wishing you grace for the journey and joy in your new space -- and no more losses along the way!